Alix (pixiekitten) wrote,

So over the past months a lot has happened. I got fired from Cold Craft, started working at The Tax Man's again, got engaged, set a wedding date (september 19th, btw) and got some really disturbing and hard to handle news. My father has cancer.

This is not like when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. That was a relatively early diagnosis, and they were 95% sure that the treatments would work. She had options.

My father's liver is completely populated with neuroendocrine tumors. The best guess is that he's had this for a few years now. There aren't many options.

the experimental treatments are a long shot, and they're only in second stage human testing.

I rarely ask for this kind of help, but please, if you could pray for my father...

I just want him to give me away at my wedding.

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