Alix (pixiekitten) wrote,

Trying very hard not to get sick. However, if i get sick, I can stay home and play WoTLK.


I am no longer the Service Dispatch for Cold Craft, Inc.

I am now the Administrator. yeah, that's right, not administrative assistant, not executive assistant, not assisting anything. Administrator. I'm arguing for "chief technical administration officer" but that might be pushing it.

  • (no subject)

    I haven't updated in months. I don't plan to again. Slowly the journal will probably be purged. Life is different. So am i.

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    So over the past months a lot has happened. I got fired from Cold Craft, started working at The Tax Man's again, got engaged, set a wedding date…

  • last update for a while (probably)

    My computer is not doing so well. It has not been doing so well for a while, but it's really having issues now. It's GPFd twice int he past week, and…

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